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Rental equipment for ceiling to floors and everything in between.

E-Z Rental Center has interior cleaning and construction tools and equipment to rent for any project.

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Interior Cleaning & Construction Equipment
Floor buffer 13 inch power flite

Floor Buffer 13″

Floor Buffer 17″ Drive Block

Floor buffer 17 inch power flite

Floor Buffer 17″

Floor buffer 20 Inch high speed

Floor Buffer 20″ High Speed

Floor Buffer Broom Attach 17″

Floor Buffer Wire Attach 17″

Floor Buffer Grinding Attach 17″

Floor Buffer Sanding Attach 17″

Wet Vac 18 Gal.

Wet/Dry Shop Vac 18 Gal

Wet vac 9 Gal.

Wet/Dry Shop Vac 9 Gal

Floor scrubber 20 In. automatic

Self-Propelled Automatic Floor Scrubber 20″

Removal & Installation
Floor edger

Floor Sander Edger 7″ w/Bag

Floor sander

Floor Sander Drum

Floor sander Oscillating

Floor Sander Oscillating 12″x18″

Wallpaper Steamer

Wallpaper Steamer

Tile remover with Hammer

Tile Remover-Ceramic

Carbide floor stripper 17 inch

Floor Carbide Stripper 17″

Carpet iron

Carpet Iron

Carpet stair tool

Carpet Stair tool

Carpet stapler

Carpet Stapler

Carpet stretcher

Carpet Stretcher

Carpet tractor

Carpet Tractor

Carpet trimmer

Carpet Trimmer

Ceramic Tile Remover Blade

Tile Remover

Floor Carpet/Tile Stripper

Tile Roller

Tile Roller

Hybrid turbo dryer

Dryer Hybrid Floor Blower

Turbo Dryer

Dryer Turbo Floor Blower

Turbo Dryer (Duct) Hose

Dryer Turbo Duct (8″x15′)

Atmosphere Control
Ozone generator

Ozone Generator


Dehumidifier Small

Dehumidifier Drieaz

Dehumidifier Large