E-Z Rental Center of Carbondale

Southern Illinois’ #1 family-owned rental center for over fifty years.

What was once a simple business has grown with our family. We started with a dream of growing our inventory past hand tools and lawn care equipment – now we dream of growing our communities across Southern Illinois.

E-Z Rental Center started in 1967 out on West Main Street, in a small strip mall, renting reel mowers and handsaws to the Carbondale community. After several years, we were growing so fast that we needed more space. We purchased property on West Sycamore, off Route 13, and then built a new building and have continued to add on and grow ever since. Our business has been handed down from father to son, growing alongside our own family tree. Whether it be a lifelong career or a summer job, E-Z Rental Center is our family’s home away from home – and we’d like it to be yours too.

Which leaves us with one question: how can we help you?

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