Rent General Construction Equipment from E-Z Rental Center

Rental equipment for every job, large or small.

E-Z Rental Center has general construction tools and equipment to rent for any project, from power tools to flooring installation.

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tools, equipment, accessories
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General Tools
Carpet, Tile & Hardwood Installation
Carpet iron

Carpet Iron

Carpet stair tool

Carpet Stair tool

Carpet stapler

Carpet Stapler

Carpet stretcher

Carpet Stretcher

Carpet tractor

Carpet Tractor

Carpet trimmer

Carpet Trimmer

Tile Roller

Tile Roller

Tile saw 10 IN. 24 IN. cut

Tile Wet Saw 10″ – Cuts Up to 24″ Tiles

Hardwood floor nailer

Air Floor Nailer (Hardwood)

Hardwood floor stapler

Adjustable Air Floor Stapler (Hardwood)

Knee Kicker

Carpet Knee Kicker

Pressure Washers, Pumps, and Drain & Sewer Cleaners
water pump 2 inch electric

Submersible Pump 2” Electric

water pump 2 inch gas

Semi-Trash Pump 2” Gas

Pump 3 inch semi trash

Semi-Trash Pump 3” Gas

Diaphragm pump 3 inch gas

Pump Diaphragm 3″ Gas

Pump submersible

Submersible Pump ¾” Electric

Pressure washer 2700 PSI

Pressure Washer 2700psi

Pressure washer 3200 PSI

Pressure Washer 3200psi

Pressure washer 4000 PSI

Pressure Washer 4000psi

Pressure washer steam 3500 PSI

Pressure Washer Hot Water 3500psi

25′ Sewer Auger Drill

Auger drain cleaner electric foot control

25′ Foot Control Sewer Auger

100′ Auto Feed Sewer Auger

Electric eel drain cleaner 100ft

Electric Eel 10-10′ Sewer Auger Cables ¾” (150′ Max)

10′ Extra Sewer Auger Cables ¾”

Sewer Auger

100’ Sewer Auger 5/8”

Steel Tape 100 FT. Drain

Sewer Tape Steel 100′

Drain auger 50ft

50’ Sewer Auger ½”

Scaffolding, Jacks, Ladders & Lifts
Floor jack

Floor Jack Standard Automotive

Pallet Jack

Jack – Pallet

Basement jacks

Jack – Basement

House jack

Jack – House Screw Type

Painters scaffold outriggers

Scaffold Painters (Outriggers)

Painters Scaffold

Scaffold Painters 1 Section

Porta power 4 ton

Porta Power 4 Ton

Scaffold Adjuster

Scaffold Adjuster

Scaffold Base plate

Scaffold Base Plates

Scaffold caster

Scaffold Casters

Scaffold Catwalk

Scaffold Catwalk

Scaffold End frame

Scaffold End Frame

Scaffold Outrigger

Scaffold Outriggers

Scaffold Cross brace

Scaffold X Brace

Scaffold Gooser bar

Scaffold Gooser Brace

Scaffold Safety frame

Scaffold Safety Frame

Sheet Rock Jack

Sheet Rock Jack/Drywall Jack

Sheet Rock Jack Extension 18 IN.

Sheet Rock Jack Extension 18″

Jack 20 Ton Hydraulic

Jack – 20 Ton Hydraulic

Ladder 10 FT. Step

Ladder 10′ Step

Ladder 28FT Extension

Ladder 28′ Extension

Ladder conveyor shingle lift

Ladder Conveyor Transporter (Shingle Ladder)

Ladder 8FT. Step

Ladder 8′ Step

Contractors lift 10 FT 1000 Lbs

Contractors Lift 10′ – 1000 lbs capacity

Genie Lift 30 FT.

AWP One Person Lift 30′

  • Working Height: 30’
  • Platform Height: 24’
  • Platform Capacity: 300 lb.
  • Platform Size: 26” x 26”
  • Height Stowed: 79”
  • Width Stowed: 29”
  • Length: 47.5”
  • Outrigger Footprint: 58” x 65”
  • Corner Access: 21”
  • Weight: 717 lb.

Straight Mast Lift Interior

  • Working Height: 16’
  • Platform Height: 10’
  • Overall Width: 28”
  • Overall Length: 46”
  • Platform Width: 26”
  • Platform Length: 45”
  • Platform Length Extended: 5’ 6”
  • Height Stowed: 68”
  • Platform Capacity: 397 lb.
  • Gradeability: 35%
  • Weight: 1124 lb.
Dollys, Small Trailers & Loading
trailer 5x8 utility

Trailer Utility 5’x10′

Appliance dolly

Dolly – Appliance

Dolly 4 wheel

Dolly – 4 Wheel

Dolly 6 wheel heavy duty

Dolly – 6 Wheel Heavy Duty

Drywall cart

Drywall Cart

Hand truck large wheel 1600 LB

Dolly – Gun Safe/Heavy Duty 1600lbs

Trailer Biljax Drop Deck

Trailer Drop Deck Hydraulic


Saws, Hammers, Drills & Other General Tools
Airless paint sprayer electric Graco

Paint Sprayer – Airless

Auto laser CST 3100

Level Auto Laser 3110-GR

Bosch 4 inch grinder

Grinder 4″ Bosch Electric

Bosch 9 inch grinder

Grinder 9″ Bosch Electric

Builders level

Builders Level w/Tripod & Stick

Chop saw 14 inch

Chop Saw 14″ Makita

Drywall sander Electric

Drywall Sander Porter+Cable

Hammer drill large bosch

Hammer Drill Large

Hammer drill small Bosch

Hammer Drill Small

J-Brake 10′ Pro 3 Tapco

Magnetic sweeper

Magnetic Sweeper

Metal Detector

Metal Detector

Metal Detector Magna Track

Metal Detector Magna Trak (Property Pins)

Nailer Finish N60 FN

Nailer Finish N60FN Air

Nailer Framing

Nailer Framing N80 Air

Parking lot marker

Parking Lot Marker (Line Marker)

Pattern gun

Pattern Gun

Pattern gun outfit

Pattern Gun Outfit

Porta nailer hardwood

Manual Hardwood Floor Nailer

Band Saw

Porta nailer face nailer

Manual Hardwood Floor Face Nailer

Roofing Nailer

Nailer Roofing RN46

Sandblast Hood

Sandblaster Hood

Sandblaster 300 LB Schmidt

Sandblaster 300lbs Pot

Gas powered post driver

Gas Powered Post Driver

Table Saw

Table Saw Portable w/Stand

Wall Paper Perforater

Wallpaper Perforator

Chain Saw 18″ Bar

Cut off Saw elec. 12 inch

Handheld Concrete Saw (12”, Electric)

Concrete diamond blade in 12, 14, 18 inch

Concrete Diamond Blade 12″

Concrete diamond blade in 12, 14, 18 inch

Concrete Diamond Blade 14″

Concrete planer edco 8 inch

Concrete Planer

Leaf blower backpack gas

Leaf Blower Backpack

Leaf Blower Handheld

Core drill (elec) hand held

Handheld Electric Core Drill

Core drill ( elec.) on stand

Standing Electric Core Drill

Core Bit Carbide 2″

Core Bit Carbide 2.5″

Measuring wheel

Measuring Wheel up to 999′

Hedge trimmer electric

Hedge Trimmer Electric